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Our clients opinions about our work is extremely important to us. We take great pride in offering restoration and remodeling services to help deliver on our clients vision.

Simon and his crew built the interior of a new bathroom in an existing space in my 1914 craftsman home, to include new woodwork, semi-intricate tiling, building a new wall, and hanging the door and painting. On a separate job, he built a flight of exterior steps at another property.

Simon is not only a highly skilled hands on working contractor, he is a patient and gentle human being. Simon was waiting at the gate every morning ready to work with a smile on his face. He is also a creative individual and offered useful ideas in actuating this project.

Additionally he introduced me to at-least one vendor so that I could purchase the door I wanted for my bathroom.

I am a stickler for detail and Simon on his own admission is also. I wanted a 1914 bathroom – I researched it ad nasueum and decided on a one-inch hex tile floor with a Greek Doric Key border. The real test of a good contractor is not necessarily how they do everything perfectly. Rather it is how they behave and act when they or their men make mistakes. At the end of the last day of tiling, I arrived home anxious to see the final results. The last quarter of the floor was frankly a mess. Grout lines were uneven, tile on the border was crooked. I was not a happy camper. I called Simon immediately and later than he would have preferred. He quite calmly told me that he would be here first thing in the morning. At 8am sharp the next morning he showed up with two very skilled tile setters and by the end of the day the floor looked beautiful. To be fair, the original tile settler had done so much of the floor in a very professional way. I don’t know if he got tired, or couldn’t see well enough as it was beginning to get dark at the end of the day. But, Simon made it right

Unlike many contractors who are just salesmen, and stop by once in a while to see how it’s going, Simon was here every day working. Simon also framed and installed closet doors in my daughters room. he is multi-skilled and an expert painter as well.

I highly recommend Simon Michaeli and A Best Remodeling. Make sure he’s present on and on the job. That’s you’re guarantee of “a best remodeling”

Harris S.
Los Angeles

We’ve had the most amazing experience with A Best Remodeling. They exceeded every single one of our expectations from start to finish. It is so hard to find reliable, trustworthy, caring and genuine people in this business and They have been all that and more. We have never experienced such great customer service and professionalism. Their knowledge of home improvement is second to none also! We love our new home and have you to thank!

James L.
Sherman Oaks

We engaged A-Best Remodeling to remodel completely our two bathrooms in our home. During the contract write-up process, Simon Michaelis, one the of the partners of A-Best Remodeling, made us feel at ease and invited comments, revisions, and questions. We did not feel pressured to agree to terms that we were not comfortable with.

Simon also helped us select the tile, hardware, and other materials for our new bathrooms. We found him to be knowledgeable about style, color, and function, which we greatly appreciated because we truly did not know want we wanted.

During the construction process, Simon or his other partner came to our house almost each day in order to give instructions to their workers. They listened to our concerns and comments during this process, and they accommodated us as best they could.

They completed the work in a reasonable time-frame that fairly approximated what they originally had quoted to us. The quality of their work is very good, particularly their tile-work. There were a few surprises along the way, we must admit however most importantly, A-Best Remodeling has proven to be a most reliable company whom we can trust. Overall, we were happy with the results, and we would engage A-Best Remodeling and their crew again for future remodeling jobs in our home.

Rich Nakajima
Los Angeles

My husband and I wanted to thank you for helping us add a second story on our house. We were extremely happy to have your crew working here and found them to be not only professional but performed up to the highest quality of work. We appreciate all the work you put into making our house as beautiful as it is today. Your staff was always attentive and we always had someone to talk to!

Robert Manke

I want to thank you for being a reliable contractor and for providing a quality job on our kitchen remodeling project. Your staff was thorough and professional and finished with a great project in no time at all! Your original design staff was accurate and professional and helped make the process extremely easy for us!

Lisa Takenbaum
Thousand Oaks, CA

Thank you for turning my old bathroom into an new and improved bathroom! Every day I step into the bathroom I am amazed at wht your company was able to do to it. Your expertise in bathroom remodeling and your knowledge of what the best products for each specific area of the bathroom made our idea become reality!

Thank you for this great experience, and we look forward to working with you in the future!

Mr & Mrs. Gorman
Westwood, CA

I can’t explain how pleased my wife and I are with the work A Best Remodeling and the team did at our home. We met with multiple contractors and because both my wife and I work a lot of time we didn’t have time or the knowledge to manage and run the project, so we wanted someone we could really trust and a contractor to guide us through this remodel. We got really lucky finding A Best Remodeling. If you’re looking for a construction company you can trust with A+ quality work these guys are the perfect team!

Jon Benson
Los Angeles